A peculiarity on the Orb by all means, Twitch is a near-spirit entity thought to be under some form of cursed punishment from an unknown god, most likely of the chaos fold, for acting out in a way that took free will too far. The exact details of origin remain lost. It is unconfirmed if he remains alive somewhere on the sphere, but no sighting has been claimed in sometime.


Twitch doesn't require food or sleep to stay alive. No one knows his real name or if he has thoughts or feelings, as he has only been seen to do exactly what is asked of him. The name Twitch became popular because of the spastic fits he'd have when being overloaded with do many different commands from a group of people at once.


Twitch seems to be capable of doing anything he is asked, from delicate floral arrangements to hauling boulders for half-a-moon. His limitations are the physical ones of his body, though he boasts above average strength and technique in all that he does. His work is tireless and without end unless a new command is given to cease. He does, however, show signs of constant fatigue. He has immortal endurance and resistance.


All that one need know about Twitch, is that he'll do anything that is told to him in a way he'll understand (in his native tongue, with a clear voice that Twitch can hear). Upon hearing the command, Twitch will immediately follow the action without question.

First EncounterEdit

Soon after discovered in him, a group swarmed and started issuing commands. At first they were simple: jump, lie down, run, run faster, milk that Uru over there. Shortly thereafter, when he who had milked all the urus in town without slowing down, folks started realizing that this was more than just an obedient or simple minded person doing a task. Someone screamed "Build me a water shed!" and Twitch went for a hammer and nails, and was laying plans for the foundation until someone else said "Start planning my Mathilda's wedding!" and he began to scour the local flora for what was available for the bouquets.

However, as soon as a new command was issued ("leap on that wagon!" "roll in the mud!" "eat that mud!") Twitch would cease the previous act and begin the new order. It didn't take long before a whole village was surrounding him and trying to instruct different requests causing chaos--Twitch trying to process every command, villagers arguing with each other over their choice of requests, and trying to silence others to get their command through (only cuasing more commotion).

Twitch's first night on the Orb was long, sleepless, and fruitless out side of that uru milking.

The next few days were filled with much of the same, many orders issued from townsfolk wondering how far this strange being could be pushed, with hardly any but the most simple being fulfilled.

Then the trolls of the crowd began to increase, using commands such as "Hold your breath," "Kill yourself," "Light the town's grain silo on fire," "Become the passionate lover of yonder buro," and so on. There were those fairer of heart taking pity on this woeful and expressing their sorrow by issuing a stop to such commands, pleading out "Breathe," "Sit down and don't move," "Keep your pants on," and what have you.

Between issuing pointless commands, potentially harmful commands, and commands cancelling those commands, Twitch is in the middle of a ring of people having a case of the shivers and something close to a seizure with a frown on his face.

Meetings were held and there was hot deliberation, even bidding wars on if Twitch should be sold to farms or loggers as a worker who wouldn't complain about the lack of union support. In the end, it was decided he be ordered to walk out of the city, and any other who have an order would be de detained and forced to do whatever they told Twitch to do by public decree. The village was small enough that the ousting was successful and Twitch was ordered out of the town and sent off into the world where his presence would rise from time to time.

Current WhereaboutsEdit

Twitch is now presumed dead, though there are still the occasional rumors of his sightings. One theory has it that Twitch is no longer a single person, and a series of cursed individuals who have the same condition of accepting commands. Not enough information on appearances was gathered between sightings to know if that Twitch is the same as the original Twitch, or if his near-spiritual status allows him to reincarnate.


With less people present because someone spirited him away or he wandered for enough from danger, there are tales of Twitch's ability to accomplish great things due to a perseverance in which he has no say. These include:

  • Making a house entirely of rose petals
  • Digging holes
  • Running almost the entire length of the Merellian, until he bumped into a tribal who said "Hey Dubdub, stop and watch where you're going, dubdub!"
  • Eating a shellfish still in the shell
  • Drinking an entire casque of sweet wine
  • Fighting a bear (and losing)
  • Organizing the deficit spending in Selsol and reworking the tax system to generate an extra 10% in funding from the middle class
  • Jumping jacks for 8 moons straight
  • Climbing Tor
  • Consuming a meadow of Moonblooms
  • Finding every mushrump in a forest
  • Wedding a sow hog
  • Playing accordion in a full auditorium
  • Building a tower of stone taller than 40 mortalmen
  • Baking a pretty cake by the book
  • Killing every driftaloon plaguing a mountain side
  • Polishing his sword in a public venue
  • Backflipping from one village to the next
  • Flying