The shivvies are a strange shuddering that take the skin of a person and riddle it with whump bumps. There are no side-effects to the shivvies, and the attacks have a small duration of time, but the cause being unknown makes it scary happening.

Frequency of OccurrenceEdit

Most people will get the shivvies a few times in their life. Some a few times in a moon-cycle. Some may never experience the wave on tingling going over their bodies at all. Others live almost once daily with the shivvies visiting at different times. With no stable model to isolate and predict why, it has been mostly linked to strange coincidences as a cause.

Projected CausesEdit

Some believe, with varying numbers, the shivvies may be caused by any of the following reasons:

  • Someone is speaking ill of you nearby
  • A god is messing with your fate somehow
  • Good friends are having fun without you
  • One of your childhood pets was reanimated by a spook
  • It's cold
  • Getting stabbed
  • You have eaten you're last hot meal
  • A god is watching your actions very closely
  • You are being appraised from afar by a diviner
  • You have forgotten an important date, and will be yelled at soon

With the many believed causes attributed to a wave of the shivvies, any number could be true for when the feeling flows over your pores and gets you all bothered.

False AttributionEdit

The shivvies main sign, a ghostly feeling followed by whump bumps, is not always shivvies. Sometimes, mortals may experience whump bumps because of a loud sound, fearful sight, or harsh cold brought by wind. The absence of a feeling of ghostly touch is the difference between common whump bumps and shivvies, though mortals--ever fearful--usually find something to scare themselves as a result of whump bumps.

Famous Folks with Constant ShivviesEdit

Some who have ascended the wrungs of fame claim constant waves of shivvies, and usually associate it somehow with an aspect of their famed character, such as predicting events before they occur or feeling out danger before it happens.