"I see you." -Pop Op's catchphrase, usually followed by "Eeeeee! Perv!"

The father of vision and the one responsible for creating eyeballs used for seeing in all living creatures. He is the proxy master of all shapes rod and cone as well. A venerable and now mostly inactive god in the pantheon, his prowess came from a time when all other original spirits formed of the beginning aether were vying for the homage of newly created folk on the sphere. Pop Optikos crafted balls of glass to be fitted in a way that would allow the average living thing, including the first folk to process light. After their success, he went a little batty and gave them to all living things even though many would not have the aether to pay homage for his work.

Because Pop Op has never chosen a side in the tides of tensions fueling the diplomacy of the gods, time has listed him as one of the chaos gods,  a title given to those who work for neither good nor evil. This aligns him with the ribald god of voyeurism, Saint Ernaldo, even though there operating philosophies differ greatly. Once, they were said to be more friendly, though time has sent each their own way.

Because eyeballs and, by there of, sight are of his invent, he can see through the eyes of any mortal or animal on the sphere. After entering an early withdrawal, it is known he spends most of his time watching the world through his creation to see what those with the gift of vision are doing with their power. For that, he is considered by many the pervert peeping god though he makes little fuss of the mockery, presumably too busy laughing at every foible mortal kind makes.

The power of clairvoyance to observe any where at any time through his eyeballs creation is called Occulence.

Occasionally gods will attempt to enlist Pop Op's help to see where they cannot, though he only has given aid in the most dire of times.