Kevbo and Tybo of the family Hoss make up the Hoss Borthers, two rock'em sock'em adventurers with their plucky loon of a bard, Johnny the Bard. The drunk-stumble adventurers have made it over mountain and dell, forded rivers and traversed the plains, but they are not sure why. With an almost painful amount of unending optimism they seek out challenge with about as much gusto as they do the nearest feather bed. That said, they do really like those feather bed futons, and hurling them out of windows onto the unsuspecting patrons below. It is through adventure and misadventure they hope to find a sense of meaning and place among the denizens of the sphere. While following the path of no particular god, they've managed to come across good luck that got them out of a scrape more than a few times, alhtough none of the celestials claim interference. How can these bumble boys and their brazen bard be so bold and suffer so little consequence? Must be something in the water. Or the wine.