As a god of the "Love" quartet, Gallyway has a long history of inspiring generation of young folk to fear no death, battle with fervor, revel in pleasure and travel the long road. All in the name of "chasing a life enamored;" a saying spoken often among Gallyway's riders, the named-of-self the Gallies, who leave their homeland behind to join arms and travel looking for life's meaning in passion.

Gallway is closely linked to--and a big admirerer of Ballad, the Warrior Gods of daring challenge.


He's perfect--ly vain, gallant, yet wayward. Har!

The GodEdit

Gally is instantly recognizable to many from aura alone, radiating hope and desire, the perfect mold of male beauty, grace, and strength. He assumed a mortal's form with an immortal body and can change his appearance at will, but the flowing curls and blinding smile are a constant facet. Gally's armor is unable to be taken off his body, leading some to wonder he has a normal folk's form underneath, a thought that has driven many a ladyfolk to a tizzy. Those who have made the beast with two backs in coitus with Gallyway claim no memory other than a fuzzy feeling of elation.

When not showing off, he's riding across the Orb, incessantly prattling stories and commands and near constantly drunk. His riders kill anything dangerous and help anyone in danger. They make a mess of any town they visit that doesn't have a high capacity brothel, seen by some as a menace for their "boundless passion" causing a lot of problems. Gally, for his godliness, is restricted in power to those who pay him homage and does not possess the aether necessary to restore the order his troops may disrupt. He takes this as "a show of overflowing passion, enamored" and continues on his way, not even taking the time to give his horse a slap on both buttcheeks. For that, some may call them "Gally's wayward wards". (har har har)

Pursuits on the AuldensphereEdit

Ever since pestered boys chased laughing girls with stars in their eyes and wood in their tree trunks, Gally has sought that passion accrued in the chase, for love and for glory. Recognizing the emotional palette of common folk to be far richer than anything shared among the gods, Gallyway left his place of secluded observation and shed his celestial form, never to return to his parentage among the stars, earning him the title of a ward, now under care of the sphere and its occupants, reliant on their energies to sustain his own.

He has never looked back.


Gally's a pinup boy for god and mortal alike, especially in the thrill of... "historical romance".

To the point of possible self-delusion, Gallway has been infatuated with the chase as long as beings looked off into the moon and sighed with heart string plucking a heated beat for the want of something more than, usually being for love or for fame.

Gallyway gathered those energies and went to where they were strongest, quickly exposing himself as more than hyoomin, and goading his would-be disciples to shed their duties and leave their homes, to join him on the open road and discover whether death would find them, instead of sticking to a life of the mundane and waiting for death. The promise of waterfalls of wine and bathing maidens usually pushed the star-lust over the edge, and from then the Gallies were founded. To this moon, many have ridden, many have fallen, but all have said it was a wild ride.


Homage paid to Gallyway comes from acts in his vicinity that come from infatuated desire. Be this a proposal to marriage or a sly invitation behind the goat barn, an attempt to ford a river because boys older said it couldn't be done or tears cried from a favorite doll being torn to shreds by big dogs--all have a desire for something more in them, and from that energy Gallyway draws aether to continue his ceaseless travels.

It then makes sense why he recruits those with nothing to lose and everything to gain, primarily young boys and men from small villages, to travel in his caravan and commit deeds promoted from desire, such as winning a wrestling tournament to prove one's strength or going to the top of a mountain to find particularly rare flowers for a milking maid who deserves to feel worthy of their beauty. With all the best of intent, one hopes, it is still considered from the outside perspective to be a vain purist, as it leaves a follower with nothing tangible aside from stories and always hungering for more than he has.


Gallway can shape the clouds in the sky to make for the perfect background scenes for chivalry or make the favorite animals for heated maidens. He can also change the color of his hair at will, to the pleasure of those around him. He can produce small animals from a bag on his hip at will, healthy and obedient, and ask them to complete small tasks. This wondorous item has been shared by a few other gods, and is known as a Bag of Small Animal Holding.


The Gallies have a profound dislike for the Bard Guard, whom they believe are ripping off their way of resplendent life without the proper passion, and cramping their pleasure sword style.