"I knew I shouldn't have chosen bikini armor, damn the fantasy artists of the sphere... oh shit, Oh Shit, OH SHIII--" -Amber Brokenlimbs, former adventure seeker


Forest grumblers are construct spirits made in a similar spirit mold by the mutually aggregated energies of the gods of nature. They are terrestrial, and can be dispatched, dismissed, or killed. Because they are the products of aether they have no mortal life, and as such experience no emotions or thoughts independent from the intentions of their design.


The grumblers stand as guardians around places of importance, areas forbidden from outside access by the gods unless permitted. This can be seen as poor planning for adventure seekers, who take the discovered presence of forest grumblers as the first sign that something worth protecting--and therefore something valuable to have or know--must behind the established perimeter of the guardians.

As is their position, forest grumblers defend a location or surrounding area, and will attempt to expel intruders by chasing and ramming, or crushing with their bodies and appendages, uncaring for any damage they incur in the process.


These behemoths of stones, mud, and sticks were not crafted with an ability to process language, meaning they cannot be reasoned with. The only option for one who finds themselves targeted is to run (hopefully) faster than they do.

Some are created with a kind of alarm defense for those gods who made them not to extinguish life, but protect it, and the grumblers sound a low bellow that rumbles pebbles for a-ways around as a warning to an unbidden detected presence. It is from this rumbling noise that they've received their name from the mortalfolk who busy themselves naming such things.

The key to knowing their territory has been crossed comes from a very acute ability to detect vibrations in the ground, possibly linked to the roots of trees used for perception. For this reason, they are all but helpless to detect infiltration from the air by anything other than limited ocular abilities.

An Interesting NoteEdit

There is a small, select market of collectors who will pay handsomely for some dispatched forest grumbler's heads. Due to the aether energies they were created from, even after being disassembled and destroyed, some small amount of the godforce used remains active.

An inactive head will be used as a novel conversation piece, usually with lies preset as to how it was acquired, and those with still active eyes peering around can command double the price.

For those heads who belonged to alarm-armed grumblers, they are used as land protectors. Good conditioned recovered specimens will still sound their low-toned bellow when they detect vibrations in the pattern of encroaching movement from the ground.

Of ChildrenEdit

For whatever reason, due to the strange sensibilities of little ones, plush or wood-carved forest grumblers are considered cute, and are often kept as dolls or toy soldiers. Children have fun dressing them in unflattering clothing or customizing their appearance to ready them for battle against other kids' wild imaginations.