Floovium is a solid state of a floating mass, said to be an element affected by the gods or spirits to be lighter than air itself. It can occasionally be found stuck under trees or uncovered from lifting up rocks, where it is possible to catch a small amount before it floats away.

It is theorized that a large amount of floovium is floating around in the sky, possibly all ending up in one place or forming the dome of the sky itself around the sphere. This leads to a commonly associated nickname for the material being "pieces of sky".

Contained floovium can find many creative purposes and is highly valued by tinkers.

A particularly large volume of it was lost in the Wreck of the Seacress by the Havershack Shipping company under orders from Merry Bonding,  a merchant materials enterprise, leading to a very ghastly tale of a ship floating just under the surface of the sea coming up in different places off the coast of Arvo. It is rumored to now be a base of hidden operations for the remaining Octo Rangers.