She's kind of pretty. If you don't mind the animals bursting out from her face.

The daughter incarnate of the god of imagination and creativity, Aozaki, this deity exists to put imagination into physical form. She is Akakawa, the dream creator.

It is by her power of rending the fathomed form into a plausible reality that many critters find their way on to the Orb.

Most energies she possesses devote themselves to creating creatures plausible to live and grow after their idea is cast into motion. Once a form is created, altering it is beyond her power. For this, she must take caution to make small animals easy composed of simple things, so they they may reproduce quickly and hide at a moment's notice; she must also make larger beasts strong and capable of keeping their lives. Extinction, in her mind, is a sign of failure--though at times, mortals affect the balance set by nature in upsetting ways that draw the ire of Akakawa.

She is linked then, to the hopes behind evolution and survival. With that will to live as a vested virtue of her personal pantheon, those who respect the ways of the natural world may find an animal familiar appearing in their time of need.

Those who commune well with nature are paying a passive homage to Akakawa and her creation. Those who go against the natural world may make an enemy of the natural world. All things with balance.